Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In

Current Release: alpha
Url Update Manager: http://kurucz-grafika.de/fatjar
Download from: project page

Requirements:  Eclipse 3.0 or greater

Documentation: JDT integration:

The Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In is a Deployment-Tool which deploys an Eclipse java-project into one executable jar.

It adds the Entry "Build Fat-JAR" to the Export-Wizard.
In addition to the eclipse standard jar-exporter referenced classes and jars are included to the "Fat-Jar", so the resulting jar contains all needed classes and can be executed directly with "java -jar", no classpath has to be set, no additional jars have to be deployed.

Jars, External-Jars, User-Libraries, System-Libraries, Classes-Folders and Project-Exports are considered by the plugin.
The Main-Class can be selected and Manifest-files are merged.
The One-JAR option integrates a specialised Class-Loader written by Simon Tuffs ( http://one-jar.sourceforge.net/ ) which handles jar-files inside a jar.
Individual files and folders can be excluded or added to the jar.
Different settings can be stored and re-executed as "Quick Build" via the context-menu.


How To Install

The zip file contains the plugin directory. Unzip from within the Eclipse directory.
Stop eclipse.
Start eclipse from the command-line with the clean option "eclipse -clean",
otherwise the plugin will not be found.

To uninstall, remove the net.sf.fjep.fatjar_x.x.x (where x.x.x
denotes the version of the plugin you have installed).



Many thanks to:

Emmanuel Salé    for publishing the source for his
toString Plug-In. There are many
similair UI elements which I was
able to copy :)

For feedback about problems and possible enhancemants:

Andreas Groscurth   support external jars

Thomas Cornet   merge Manifest files

Richard Welteroth   preferences page,
export wizard,
progress bar,
add/remove Files

Steve Bromley   support referenced projects

Francesc Rosés   support user libraries

Patrick Rouillon   detected problem with '\0' in MANIFEST.MF

Donna L. Gresh   allow external output path

Ray Cardillo   support system libraries
(TODO: syslib precedence on conflicting classes)

Rainer Lay   detected problem with Quick-Build

Nikolai Mann   "eclipse -clean" tip,
allow other extension than ".jar" for output

and many others giving feedback and reporting problems


Bugs, Feedback

In case you run into problems use the Help Forum
New ideas, missing features and so on can be reported at Feature Requests
Bugs should be reported to the Bug Report

And last but not least you can email the developers:

Topic:   Ferenc Hechler
Fat-Jar at all   ferenc_hechler@users.sourceforge.net
Topic:   Simon Tuffs
One-Jar integration   simon-fatjar@simontuffs.com
Topic:   Nirav Thaker
Multi-Project support   niravn1@users.sourceforge.net